Tuesday, December 7, 2010

An Honest Prelude

I have a very limited idea of how other people evolve when it comes to taking the next step after coming to a complete stop.  Some of them start a blog, I'm guessing - like me.  It might be the first step of many, or maybe it's a last resort.  I'm playing this one off as a little of both, or somewhere in between. Pick your favorite cliche.

Let me be right up front with you, O reader. My feminine presence isn't genuine. Holli Cherise Pewtersmyth is a persona. I wasn't born with the XX chromosome, but somewhere along the way I developed a fierce envy-cum-admiration for the female of my species.  More on this later (and in spades), but you ought to know what kind of blog you're dealing with.  In essence, it concerns the joys and travails of one of the loneliest, most desperate closeted cross-dressers in the freedom-loving U.S.A. I'm here to sing to my soul's content the song of femininity, and occasionally whine about how hard life is (even though I've got it pretty good, all things considered).

Just wanted to set things straight, before I begin.  If everything seems to be in order, then meet me back here next time.  I'll probably be complaining about something, so...forewarned and forearmed, and all that.


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