Thursday, March 29, 2012

Isolate Beauty, pt. VI

    Marianne parked her car at the pump of a gas station just a few blocks away from her neighborhood. She wanted to use the bathroom on the side, which she knew had room enough for one customer at a time and had locks. While the attendant filled the tank, she grabbed a bag from the back seat. It had a change of clothes in it quite different from the kind she was wearing now... definitely not business casual.
    A carefully planned surprise was in store for her husband. He was probably parked on his ass at home, flipping channels and getting fat on potato chips. She'd felt so bad for him last night. She sensed how lonely he was, how much he needed to be with her. Work was slow this week. There was no reason she couldn’t take a few hours off at the end of her day to make the rest of his day more memorable. More… "relaxing."
    Marianne entered the bathroom in a plain gray skirt, blouse and jacket, but came out wearing something a little more daring underneath a long black overcoat. She put on sunglasses to reinforce her anonymity. As devoted as Marianne was to her happily wedded lover, she was borderline embarrassed just thinking about what she looked like.
    High heels were definitely not for the inexperienced woman. She practiced regularly in four-inch pumps, which she often wore to work, but the transition to five-inch spikes strapped to her ankles felt like a risky endeavor. The single inch made all the difference. Oddly, she felt taller than usual.
    Marianne paid the attendant and felt his eyes running along her silhouette all the way to the ground, eyeing her as nonchalantly as he could. Then she carefully folded herself into the car so as to conceal her clandestine apparel from further prying.
    The whole outfit was transforming her. It was amazing how different a little lace and nylon could make you feel. Or how it could make others feel.
    "If it weren’t for this overcoat..."
    The thought finished with a seductive sigh. She laughed nervously to herself, nosing the car out into traffic. Giddiness inflated her chest as she drove toward her unassuming husband. She felt as if this was something she’d always wanted to do but never had the guts.
    ...So crazy!
    Jason was about to get the best surprise of his life.

End, pt. VI

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