Saturday, March 24, 2012

Isolate Beauty, pt. II

    Jason heard the car door slam. He knew whose footsteps were walking up to the house. In a minute the key would push through the lock and his wife would be home from work. He felt relieved. Having taken a short personal vacation, he couldn’t really enjoy himself on account of it was so lonely around the house. They had no children. Their friends either lived too far away or were at their own jobs. Now that his beautiful wife was home, they probably wouldn’t do anything special anyway. It didn't matter.

    He greeted her in the kitchen, where she put down some bags on the island counter top. They kissed. Jason knew Marianne was glad to be home too. In spite of the nagging exhaustion that hugged the corners of her eyes, she looked very pretty. She was dressed in the same business attire she'd left in early this morning, a form-fitting skirt, jacket and gray turtleneck - without the jacket, downright arousing. Her straight raven hair was somewhat bedraggled by the wind. It sent out an exotic message to the parts of him which felt the loneliest. Jason grabbed her again to partake of her lovely contours.
    “I missed you!”
    “Missed you too, hon,” Marianne sighed wearily. “I need to change. I’ve been in these heels all day.”
    “Yeah, I know. But you look so good...”
    He nuzzled her neck. Marianne let her husband go at it, but was reaching around herself to remove the aggravating footwear. Jason’s hands were moving south. Tempting, but she just didn't have the patience.
    “I have to go change.”
    “Aww, do you?”
    She nodded in sympathy, in the plain way that meant she had none.
    “Sorry. Maybe later tonight, okay?”
    He watched after her as she swaggered down the hallway on stockinged feet. Her shoes dangled from two left fingers, hung by the heels. The skirt was tight around her legs. She took a banana clip out of her hair and rubbed the dark mane loose down her back. Every little nuance was a turn-on.
    “Could you wear that same outfit later?” he called.
    “Maybe,” she said at the door. “Not the shoes, though. I’ve had enough of these for one day.”
    “Come on...”
    She smiled and disappeared into the bedroom, calling back, “Listen mister, you wear high heels all day, then tell me if you feel like wearing them in the sack.”
    “Is that something you’re into now?”
    The door closed, informing Jason that he was officially dismissed.

End, pt. II

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